(Originally published on Don’t Go Nuts Facebook page, March 2013)

On behalf of the entire Don’t Go Nuts family, I am excited to invite you into our compassionate conversation about peanut and tree nut allergies…and the wonderful and challenging adventure we all are on together.

I am a life-long entrepreneur and business owner who is living a rich life filled with love, laughter, heartache and growth. Because I’m a soul seeker and dedicated to constant transformation and evolution, I felt that when I had my kids at 40 years old, I had the wisdom, knowledge, savvy and life experience to guide them lovingly and well on the journey of life. I felt as though I was prepared.

When my daughter Lily had her first food reaction at 3 years old, and she was covered in hives, we knew we had to have her tested with an allergist. Her reaction to the skin test produced a raised welt that went from her back around to the front of her body. The allergist brought in her medical students to show them this example of a reaction at the most extreme end of the spectrum. And still I didn’t get it.

Lily had the highest possible reaction to peanuts, tree nuts and mango. That fact, that medical diagnosis, does not prepare you for the spiritual and emotional diagnoses. We were completely unaware of the expanded journey that was ahead. We just had no idea what a life-changing situation this was going to be for the whole family.

From that day, we were extremely careful, yet Lily had anaphylaxis anyway at age 8 – from eating something that was mislabeled. I felt so vulnerable and alone. It was the profound realization for me that no matter how hard we try, I cannot completely control her safety…her life safety. I had to figure out a way to send her out into the world. That’s when it really hit me that Lily’s allergy would affect our family forever. That it affects all of these families, on so many levels, for life.

I knew we needed to find a way to transform Lily’s allergy into help for others. We want to be part of ensuring not only that a child doesn’t lose their life due to a food allergy but also that every child lives an inspired life with it. We created Don’t Go Nuts to help all of these families enjoy whole lives.

There’s so much more conversation about food allergies today, which we are so grateful for. We want to be an important part of that compassionate conversation and support. We all can do so much together to help these kids and their extended world.

We hope our healthy foods become a joyful, easy comfort in your life. More importantly, we hope you find the support, on every level, that your family needs to navigate living with life-threatening allergies. We also hope to provide a place for you to come and find a friend. We’re so happy you’re here.

Jane Pinto
Mother of twins Lily and Gray, age 12
CEO and Co-Founder


The City of Santa Fe would once again like to thank Don’t Go Nuts for the amazing customer service and products! We serve close to 1000 youth and teen participants a year. Due to the high numbers of participants with nut allergies, your products are the perfect solution. This past ...


“Thank you for keeping my family safe in this scary world of food allergies. Food allergies have altered our way of life and knowing there are conscious companies out there gives us a small sense of security :-).”



I just wanted to thank you for your product. I started on my healthy living journey about two months ago and I have a nut allergy. your bars have been a God-send! I'm the type of person who craves carbs/deserts and definitely doesn't crave protein. Your bars have helped satisfy my cravings while making ...


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