Don't Go Nuts Co-founders Lily, Jane, Gray
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Don't Go Nuts Co-founders Lily, Jane, Gray

To Our Valued Don’t Go Nuts Customers

Dear Loyal Don’t Go Nuts Customers,

As you likely know, we recently re-launched our snack bar line. The two most significant changes are that our bars now carry the USDA Organic certification, and their size was reduced from 45g to 36g to align with other bars in the kids’ category. I’m writing to you to share the reasons we made these changes.

As a small, family-founded company, we initially launched our snack bars in 2013 to serve children, like my daughter, Lily, with food allergies. It was so important to us that our foods be safely nut free that we built our own production facility here in our small rural town in Colorado. In 2014, we joined hands with GF Harvest, a 4th generation Celiac family, to provide our oats; and we became GF certified. Since then, we’ve been blessed to serve so many food allergy and gluten-free families. We’ve also enjoyed support from outstanding regional retailers like Wegmans, ShopRite and Shaw’s.

Many of you who don’t live near these retailers have expressed frustration in not being able to find our products at your local store. In fact, after 5 years in the market, not a single national retailer had agreed to carry our snack bars. Why? Retailers consistently expressed two reasons: Because we didn’t carry a USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project seal and because, with a size of 45 grams, our bars and their nutrition facts did not fit into their sets of 24-36g kids bars.

And so we made these changes to offer the highest quality product, to increase customer access to our bars, and to ensure we’ll stay in business and continue to serve. We’re excited to share that our bar line changes already have enabled us to expand into 2500 more stores this summer with Walmart and CVS. These stores and many more will offer our new 5-ct. box, which has a lower price per bar than when purchasing them individually.

We’re also excited that we were able to earn the USDA Organic certification while maintaining the same great taste in Gorilla Power and Whitewater Chomp. For Blueberry Blast we went a different route, creating an entirely new, dairy-free recipe. Initial tasters have given it enthusiastic thumbs up.

Removing the drizzle was necessary for us to receive USDA Organic certification. In recent days, we’ve heard from some of you whose children miss the drizzle, and for whom USDA Organic isn’t important. As a mom, I understand…I’ve seen Lily’s disappointment when a safe food changed or was no longer available. Our ultimate goal is to continue to make safe, delicious foods for our children, and in order to do that, some things needed to change. We are not willing to change our processes or to co-pack at a different facility, so we must evolve with our market’s needs.

We’ve also heard from a few of you who expected a smaller bar to cost less. Unfortunately, organic ingredients are more expensive. Reducing the bar size allowed us not to raise our price, and it’s also worth noting that we’ve never raised our price since we launched five years ago.

Change is always hard…we respect and appreciate that. This change is about providing a better, healthier, safe product and being of long-term service to all of our customers.

You matter to us, and it matters that you understand why we made these changes. We hope to keep you as a customer… and we understand you have to make whatever decisions are right for your family. We wish you and your family wellness and safety always.

With Love and Care,

Jane Pinto, Don’t Go Nuts Founder

Photo includes Co-founders Lily, Jane and Gray Pinto


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