Are your products produced in a peanut and tree nut-free facility?

Absolutely. We built our own nut-free facility to prepare our foods with love and care. We also developed what we call the Field to Fingers Nut-Free Process, a first-of-its-kind inspired practice to ensure that our foods are free of peanuts and tree nuts.

How can I be certain your products are non-GMO?

All of our products are certified organic. To be certified organic, food has to be non-GMO as well.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes! We’ve been certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group since 2014. Some e-commerce websites don’t keep current with photos and text. If you see any mention of wheat related to our products, the information is inaccurate and years out of date. In fact, the oats in our snack bars are grown and processed with a “Purity Protocol” by GF Harvest

What other ingredients are your products free from?

All our snacks are free from peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs and sesame so you can have no worries!

Are your products dairy free? 

Our Whitewater Chomp (White Chocolate Chip) bars contain dairy. Our Gorilla Power bar does not contain dairy (Chocolate Chip Bar). The ingredient supplier for our organic sweet chocolate considers all their products "dairy" as they handle dairy in their facility.  Therefore the label calls it out as dairy as well because the FDA requires that the label follow the ingredient suppliers data sheet.  Dairy is not actually in the dark chocolate chips that are in our Gorilla Power Bar.  

Our spreads and our Strawberry, Apple CInnamon, Chocolate Chip and Blueberry Granola Bars do not contain dairy ingredients; however, they are made in the same facility. While there is shared equipment, we use Good Manufacturing Practices with thorough cleaning and inspections between each product. 

I can safely eat baked dairy. Can I safely eat your snack bars?

No, our snack bars are unbaked. 

What does “School Safe” mean?

More and more schools are becoming nut free. School Safe means our products do not contain peanuts or tree nuts and are safe to take to nut-free schools. It does not mean they are safe for all students. Food allergies vary widely, so never assume a product is safe for all students!

There is a lot of media hype about soy. Why do you use soy?

There are many studies relating to soy. We believe that soy, eaten in moderation, has many health benefits and is a valuable source of plant-based protein. We use only organic, non-GMO whole soybeans, which are ground into flour and minimally processed. We do not add soy isolates, and we do not use the Hexane process.

Why aren’t all your products free from the top 8 food allergens?

Our goal is to create a complete line of healthy, delicious nut-free foods. We understand that the presence of allergens such as dairy and soy makes our products more desirable for some families while limiting their availability to others. We plan to develop a variety of products in the future to meet all of these needs.

Do your products contain coconut?

Our products DO NOT contain coconut. Gorilla Power and Whitewater Chomp bars contain an organic natural flavor that tastes like coconut. The supplier’s ingredient mix is a proprietary formulation, so they do not share their entire list of sub ingredients; however, they guarantee it does NOT contain coconut. This is a certified organic ingredient, and thus, can ONLY have natural flavors; NO artificial flavors are allowed.

Do your products contain eggs?

No. Our products contain no eggs whatsoever. There are no egg ingredients present in our facility.

Do your products contain sesame?

No. Our products contain no sesame whatsoever. There are no sesame ingredients present in our facility.

Do your products contain sunflower seeds or sunflower oil?

The Organic Dried Wild Blueberries in our Blueberry Blast bar contain a small amount of sunflower oil. The sunflower oil sub-ingredient is listed on the Blueberry Blast packaging and represents less than half a percent of the Blueberry Blast bar. No other Don’t Go Nuts products contain sunflower oil. No Don’t Go Nuts products contain sunflower seeds.

I have sustainability concerns about palm ingredients. Why do you use palm?

Organic Palm Fruit Oil is a key functional ingredient for our soy spreads, helping to prevent separation of our soy flour and soy oil. We source it from a U.S. based company called Ciranda (“Circle” in Spanish). Their direct supplier is AgroPalma, located in Brazil. AgroPalma is considered one of the most sustainable suppliers of palm oil worldwide. They have worked for more than three decades to establish environmentally friendly sourcing of palm. AgroPalma is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), the POIG (Palm Oil Innovation Group), and also have worked in direct collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network and Forest People Program to develop their harvesting and processing systems.

Once the spreads are open, how long do they keep unrefrigerated?

Our spreads will keep a year without refrigeration; however, for best taste we recommend refrigeration after opening if you will not finish the jar within a month.

Why does my jar of soy butter appear warped/crushed/caved in?

This is called paneling. Some customers have experienced this because we are manufacturing at higher elevation in Colorado and shipping to lower elevations. We have put into place processes to remedy the situation. The quality of the product is not compromised, and once the seal is opened, the jar should return to its original form. Even so, please contact us if you would like us to replace your product free of charge.

Are your jars BPA free?


Are your Chewy Granola Bars Protein/Energy Bars?

Our chewy granola bars were designed to meet the nutritional needs of children, who have a much lower recommended daily allowance of protein than adults. We do not add any protein and do not consider our bars as protein bars. For added nutrition and a twist, try out some of our soy spreads to a granola bar!

Do your soy butters contain sodium?

Our Pure Unsalted soy butter does not contain sodium. Our other four flavors of soy butter do contain sodium.