Founder Jane Pinto and her mother, Mary Ray Crowley
Founder Jane Pinto and her mother, Mary Ray Crowley

Mothers…Everything Matters.

By Don’t Go Nuts Founder Jane Pinto

As Mother’s Day approaches, I always try to pause. I do this because having had a precious mother, and trying to be even one tenth as good as her, always makes me want to honor and make space to truly feel the greatest blessings of my life. I have the privilege of being the mother of Lily and Gray and the daughter of Mary Ray Crowley…and with such deep loves, I feel like I’ve been blessed with more than my share of Great Love.

So why do I say, “Everything matters?” First of all, one of the great female teachers and mentors in my life always reminds me that, “Everything matters.” The only way I can attempt to understand the depth of this is to look at my journey as a mother. Every chapter of our children’s lives…and I know this to be true in my own adventure with Lily and Gray…shows us that we know very little. But I do know how to love. My mother taught me this. Knowing how to love is the most profound fierce power we bring to the world as women. I see this in every mother who has children, every mother who has no children and helps us raise ours, and every fierce female heart that simply decides each day to show love and care at every encounter possible.

Every encounter, every confrontation, every time someone gets or doesn’t get what we each deal with individually—as food allergy parents or with whatever challenges we may have in our life at that moment—requires our hearts to remain open. If we choose to at least do our best to be in fierce love, no matter what the situation is, there’s a possibility we can bring clarity and kindness.

So, to my empowered sisters, my person Sharbear, my chosen sacred sisters, Nana, and every beautiful female heart, to my husband, and every man who honors women, thank you for helping me to see…and helping me to see when I don’t see…in every moment of every day that everything matters.

On this Mother’s Day, I honor each of you and your fierce female hearts lighting up our world.

With Love and Care,



The City of Santa Fe would once again like to thank Don’t Go Nuts for the amazing customer service and products! We serve close to 1000 youth and teen participants a year. Due to the high numbers of participants with nut allergies, your products are the perfect solution. This past ...


“Thank you for keeping my family safe in this scary world of food allergies. Food allergies have altered our way of life and knowing there are conscious companies out there gives us a small sense of security :-).”



I just wanted to thank you for your product. I started on my healthy living journey about two months ago and I have a nut allergy. your bars have been a God-send! I'm the type of person who craves carbs/deserts and definitely doesn't crave protein. Your bars have helped satisfy my cravings while making ...


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