Good Luck With That

In our personal lives and our business, we have the opportunity and need to tell our food allergy story, often. We live it from the inside out every meal, every day. This week, I heard the same response from four different people who I spoke with about our food allergy journey. “Good luck with that.”

It is the “that” which captured my attention and curiosity. When someone says, “good luck with that,” they are consciously or unconsciously distancing themselves from the pain that may be present for the storyteller. If there can be one major shift in the perception of food allergies that could help and serve the whole, it would be that those who do not have a food allergy find the compassion to know that it is partly their responsibility to keep the world safe.

The shift from “good luck with that” to “How can I help?” could tip the world from a place of fear to a place of belonging for the food allergy survivor. For to know that someone else “gets it” means to the allergy survivor that “they” will not bring an allergen near them to threaten their life.

My daughter once said when someone brings a nut into school for a snack, they might as well be bringing in a gun and pointing it at her. “Good luck with that” is hardly the response we could imagine if that were to occur.

Most people who are affected with a life threatening allergy to a food understand that it is hard for people to understand. We have learned to do what we need to do to keep ourselves safe and to lower our expectations of the ability of others to care for us in the way we need to be cared for. We hear often in restaurants, “Does the spinach salad have nuts or are there any nuts in the area where you prepare the salad?” “I don’t think so,” says the server. “Would you like the spinach salad?” “No,” we reply. “We would like you to assure us that there are no peanuts or tree nuts in the kitchen that could kill us.” This has happened so many times for us that we as a family do not eat at restaurants anymore. I speak just for us. We make what we eat for Lily. We take our good luck in our own hands. We become this. Not that.

We exercise our will and restraint. We grow in our skillful ability to pay attention and intention to enlightened self-interest. And we forgive everyone who hasn’t, will not and cannot understand. And by doing this, we become free from the separation of “Good luck with that” into the warming of the heart which transforms our food allergy into acceptance, happiness, love and wisdom… and “good luck” into “blessings.”

Doug Pinto
Father and Co-Founder


The City of Santa Fe would once again like to thank Don’t Go Nuts for the amazing customer service and products! We serve close to 1000 youth and teen participants a year. Due to the high numbers of participants with nut allergies, your products are the perfect solution. This past ...


“Thank you for keeping my family safe in this scary world of food allergies. Food allergies have altered our way of life and knowing there are conscious companies out there gives us a small sense of security :-).”



I just wanted to thank you for your product. I started on my healthy living journey about two months ago and I have a nut allergy. your bars have been a God-send! I'm the type of person who craves carbs/deserts and definitely doesn't crave protein. Your bars have helped satisfy my cravings while making ...


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