NEW Product Alert! Variety Pack Minis at Walmart

Now available at Walmart! Check out our Mini Chewy Granola Bars that offer a soft texture from organic oats and brown crisp rice and include bits of organic fruit or delicious chocolate chips. 

We could all use a little pick me up sometimes. Try our Strawberry or Apple Cinnamon Variety Pack of Mini Granola Bars! All natural and delicious dried fruit accompany our traditional chewy consistency!

Or, if you need a different punch of flavor, try our Chocolate Chip or White Chocolate Chip Variety Pack of Mini Granola Bars! These are fan favorite flavors (Gorilla Power and Whitewater Chomp) which offer a mini, but mighty addition to your day!

Not only are these bars tree + peanut free, they are also gluten free. The Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip flavors of Mini Chewy Granola Bars are dairy free, only the White Chocolate Chip bars contain dairy.

We hope you give these MINI bars with BIG flavor a try! 

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