GF Mom Certified Holiday Guide

We are so pleased to be a part of this year's GF Mom Certified Holiday Guide

We're never prouder to make safe, gluten-free snacks and spreads than at this time of year, when our products can bring families together to enjoy holiday sweets and treats. That's why we're extra glad to be part of this amazing lineup!

Here's what Tiffany Hinton of GF Mom Certified has to say:

"“Happy Holidays from our family to yours. We wish you a season filled with love and joy. Spend the time to be in the moments and make memories you will cherish for the years to come. Allow yourself to sit and observe, to hear the music, to smile at a stranger and smell the spices of the season.”

Get the full guide here, and use code GFMOMCERTIFIED for 20% off your order until the end of the year!

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