Blueberry Blast, Whitewater Chomp and Gorilla Power bars on wood
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Blueberry Blast, Whitewater Chomp and Gorilla Power bars on wood

ANNOUNCING OUR SNACK BAR RE-LAUNCH: USDA Organic, Kid-Sized Portions and an All New Dairy-Free Bar!

Don’t Go Nuts is excited to announce the re-launch of our snack bar line, with several improvements requested by both consumers and retailers. We expect these changes to result in expanded distribution, making our bars more readily available in more places. The re-launched bars will be shipping to retailers in April.

USDA Organic Certification

Look for the green USDA Organic symbol on Don’t Go Nuts packaging, indicating that all our products are now USDA Certified Organic! Our products were already certified to the Made with Organic Ingredients standard, meaning we used at least 70% organic ingredients. By removing our drizzle, we were able to meet the higher USDA Organic standard, meaning each product contains at least 95% organic ingredients. As with all our products, these new bars follow our Field to Fingers process for ensuring they’re peanut, tree nut and gluten free. Our Gorilla Power and Whitewater Chomp bars may look different, but they still have the same great taste their fans love!

Kid-Sized Portions

Our snack bars have always had a similar amount of sugar per gram as leading kids’ snack bars, but our portion size was 25%-85% larger (45g vs. 24-36g). By reducing our portion size to align with the kids’ bar category, we’ve made it easier for parents to directly compare nutrition facts.

More Whole Grains, Less Sugar

We made adjustments to increase the whole grains in our recipes and reduce the sugar without impacting the taste. Our snack bars now meet Federal requirements for Smart Snacks in Schools. That’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

Blueberry Blast is ALL NEW and Dairy Free

Look for packaging with our Lulu & Lunk characters blasting off in a rocket ship to signal our brand new Blueberry Blast bar. This new recipe is a chewy granola bar with blueberries, and does not contain dairy ingredients. PLEASE NOTE: Blueberry Blast is made on the same line as our bars that do contain dairy ingredients. Whether or not you loved our old Blueberry Blast bar, we hope you’ll enjoy the terrific blueberry taste of this entirely new bar.

Whitewater Chomp Gets Chips

Whitewater Chomp fans will enjoy our change from white chocolate chunks to our fun new organic white chocolate chips. Check them out!

5-ct. Multi-Pack Boxes

We’ll still offer bars for individual sale in 12-ct. caddies, but also look for our 5-ct. boxes in your store’s cereal aisle or gluten-free section.

SRP Staying the Same

Since we launched Don’t Go Nuts in 2013, our suggested retail price for our snack bars has always been $1.79, with no price increases. Of course, that’s just the suggestion—retailers decide what price to actually sell them for, and you may have seen a wide variety of retail prices. All changes considered, we believe this SRP remains a value for our delicious, nut-free, gluten-free, USDA organic snack bars.

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The City of Santa Fe would once again like to thank Don’t Go Nuts for the amazing customer service and products! We serve close to 1000 youth and teen participants a year. Due to the high numbers of participants with nut allergies, your products are the perfect solution. This past ...


“Thank you for keeping my family safe in this scary world of food allergies. Food allergies have altered our way of life and knowing there are conscious companies out there gives us a small sense of security :-).”



I just wanted to thank you for your product. I started on my healthy living journey about two months ago and I have a nut allergy. your bars have been a God-send! I'm the type of person who craves carbs/deserts and definitely doesn't crave protein. Your bars have helped satisfy my cravings while making ...


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